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In the Step 1, You are required to fill in the fields for “Your Name” and “Your Email.” Once these fields are completed, You will be made available to proceed to the Step 2, where You can calculate the estimated cost of the neon sign.

      Step 1: Your Name, E-mail address
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      Step 2: Calculate estimated cost
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    2. Width
      Design shape

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    2. Perimeter around a shape with neon

    1. Choose font number
    2. Color
    3. Amount of letters
    4. Maximum of letters for the chosen size
      Power supply and dimmers
    1. Power supply
    2. USB powered110-240v no dimmer110-240v dimmer110-240v dimmer with remoteDo not need power supply
      Estimated cost
    1. It is not the final price. Contact us and we can find the best solution for your project.
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